The Christian Growth Checklist
is a list of topics covered in the course. Tick the ones you have covered to see your progress.

First level: Belonging

1-1 Belonging
(105 KB) introduces the Christian Growth Cycle, and has chapters on

How can I be sure?
Who am I?
Signs of Belonging
Belonging to All Saints (Adapt this chapter for your own situation)
Growing in Christ

1-2 Encounter Workbook (133 KB) is a booklet version of the Encounter Weekend. It is best to attend the weekend, but if this is impossible the booklet might help - though it is essential to use it with good prayer support.
1-2 Encounter Checklist (6 KB) is the worksheet for the workbook.

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Second level: Serving

2-1 Serving God (108 KB) has chapters on

Private Prayer
Group Prayer
Prayer Ministry
The Old Testament
The New Testament
Use of the Bible

2-2 Serving Society (42 KB) has chapters on

Money and Possessions
Body and Sex

2-3 Serving One Another (10,323 KB) was written by Colin Holtum and has chapters on

All working, together, in gifted ministry
Shaped for ministry (two chapters)

Same document without graphics (412 KB)

2-4 Serving Mission (1,651 KB) has chapters on

Why do evangelism?
How can we evangelize? (two chapters)

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Third level: Maturing

3 Maturing (73 KB) is the last of these booklets, with chapters on

Maturing love for God
Maturing love for neighbour
Maturing love for one another
Maturing mission

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Any of the courses in the home study resources may be used in a group.

There are several sites that offer courses - follow the links in the cell church sites on the Links page.

THE CHRISTIAN GROWTH CYCLE is a course developed for All Saints Church, Allesley, Coventry, UK. Follow the links below to the documents associated with it.

TAKE ANOTHER LOOK is a Lent course written by Tim Britton and Diane Patterson for the six rural parishes in which they work, with links to Rick Warren's book, 'The Purpose Driven Life'.

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