About Cell-Ideas

Cell-Ideas is authored by Tim Britton, an Anglican vicar in rural Warwickshire, England.

All the text apart from Scripture quotations is his own, unless otherwise indicated, and is copyright © Tim Britton. However, few ideas are original, and it is possible that others have published these or similar without his knowledge. Please email if there are any copyright infringements which need to be corrected.

Any text of which Tim Britton is the author may be freely copied and adapted for personal or church use, but not for commercial use unless permission is sought and granted. The adaptations can be as small or great as wanted; it is understood that you will disagree with some statements, and if you use the text you will want to change them - that’s OK. Likewise any printed output will need to be improved visually. No acknowledgement of the source of the material is required, nor any fee paid. If it is helpful, that is all that matters. If it is not helpful, forget it! If you have any ideas to improve these resources, please email me.

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