Encounter weekend

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A timetable for the weekend
(6 KB)
This is a suggested timetable for a Friday evening and half of Saturday, for those with a pressurized life. It would be better if it were taken more leisurely, with more time for worship and more time for the individual key stages.

Teaching notes (132 KB)

These notes are written as a complete text, incorporating the worksheets and timings as in the above timetable. One church has adapted them into a power point presentation. A couple of OHP pages are referred to and are included.

Work sheets (90 KB)
Worksheets are given out to the members for each ‘key’ when it comes up. They include checklists, steps to take, prayers, declarations, as appropriate.

Check list (6 KB)
The check list is used to write down all those things the Holy Spirit shows need to be dealt with. It is separate from the work sheets, for it is destroyed during the weekend as a visual symbol of release, while the worksheets may be kept for future reference.

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The Encounter weekend offers a spiritual ‘spring clean’.

In a safe and worshipful atmosphere the Holy Spirit is asked to deal with past and present issues that act as a road block to spiritual progress.

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