Ideas for Meetings

WELCOME – we get to know each other better

An ‘ice-breaker’ question encourages everyone to speak briefly and to share a little information about themselves.

Ideas for Welcome

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WORSHIP – we focus on God

Worship could consist of singing or listening to music, or a meditation, or prayer, or silence, or any combination of these, or anything else that the leader feels would help the group focus on God and respond to him. The leader could invite each member to bring a contribution.

Ideas for Worship

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– we build one another up

The word of God equips us for every good work, and we grow spiritually as we seek to build one another up. The leader may base this section on the Sunday teaching or on some other material if agreed with the church leadership. The aim is not simply to grow in knowledge, but to put the knowledge into practice. The following pattern may help.

The leader may invite members to share any encouragement or problems putting the previous teaching into practice.

Choose a reading that fits the material.

The leader may use their church’s material, or some other material, perhaps a tape or a video. Members of the group may wish to add their thoughts.

A short discussion may help to clarify what God is saying.

This is the important point! The aim is to find out how each member can put the teaching into practice, and to encourage one another to start doing it. Ask open ended, practical questions e.g. ‘What is God telling us to do?’ ‘What difference should this teaching make in our lives?’ ‘What should be the next step?’ ‘Anyone had any experience of this?’ ‘Anyone want any help?’

Pray for one another, in silence or aloud.
The leader may invite anyone to share any further thoughts, pictures, words from God which have come in the silence, and may follow them up with further ministry.

Ideas for Word

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WITNESS – we focus on the world around us

We want to see our families and friends, colleagues and neighbours, transformed by Christ! We want to see the kingdom of God established in our communities! This is a vital time for discussion and/or planning, for sharing and for prayer. The focus may be on our individual situations, or on joint action.

End with a time of prayer, in silence or aloud.

Ideas for Witness

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Cell meetings usually take the form of ‘Four Ws’ :





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